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Villa Delizia


Size: 1.716 mq

Restoration and renovation of a 16th-century historic building bound by the Superintendence as a cultural asset.

The palace has a three-floor central noble part with two lateral wings composed by two floors each and a narrow long body that connects the entire complex to a rustic portion, originally intended for barn.

The restoration has returned the palace to its original splendor by eliminating old accretions  and making a meticulous restoration of the inside and outside frescoes.

The internal redistribution, needed to achieve the functional requirements, has required the split of the complex into six independent housing units.

The large outdoor park has been cared for by keeping the original plant of the access avenue and the garden areas in front of the building.



Santuario delle Grazie

The intervention consists of a conservative intervention  of the cloisters, the bell tower, the apse and the courtyards of the Shrine of Graces in Brescia.

The goal was to bring back some of the spaces of  the complex of Graces , as well as a study of  environments targeted to recover multipurpose spaces serving the religious communities.



Centro Pastorale Paolo VI

The renovation of the existing building consists of three ground floor levels, located in the heart of the city of Brescia, is dictated by the need to adapt to the current regulations on acoustics,

firefighting and firefighting by people with disabilities, the facilities serving the Center Pastorale  Paolo VI. The important congress center, run by the Curia of Brescia, has one Aula Magna, a prestigious conference hall and numerous polyphonic halls located at ground floor of the complex. On the first and second floor, there is the residential wing, restored and suitable with standard equipment, in compliance with hygiene and sanitary requirements and in compliance with standards accessibility.