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via sostegno 

WORK DESIGN,                           

Size: 24.900 mq

The heart of the project is the new uncovered central square which is the hub of all the functions foreseen in the project. This is the door to the railway station both on Via Sardegna and on the side of Via Sostegno. On the square there are different levels of construction with the private and public functions provided.

Outside the square there is a large public space for easy access to citizens, while in the North there is a large space with a shelter in direct connection with the tracks.
The two levels North-South / Via Sardegna-Via Sostegno are connected with ramps, escalators and panoramic lifts.
We followed a process of study and design of the volumes to be built so that they were an innovative and consistent solution with the real and symbolic meaning of the project area.
The Idea is not a graphic gesture, a project whim, but the project of a new fluid Urban Space where the volumes and public spaces are in harmony with the context making it a new place in the city.
This arrangement of the volumes is the last, the most mature, after several tests and checks that we have gradually discarded in the continuous search for the best possible solution.



Borgo +39

WORK DESIGN,                           

Size: 14.904 mq

The recovery  plan for the lake area in the town of Toscolano called Borgo + 39 provides for the restructuring and reconstruction of a former oil mill on the shores of Lake Garda, foreseeing its reuse of residence and tourist activities such as a hotel, commercial and restaurant areas.

Through a careful research study, the project maintains the industrial village valorizing its main manufacturing buildings and replacing recent constructions with a new Contemporary architecture that integrates with the context.

In this way the visual impact from the lake  remains unchanged while the new  construction with energy-efficient buildings with up to three ground floor  levels develops in the back part forming a large central courtyard for park and pool.


Size: 21.000 mq





The intervention is structured according to a restructuring project with partial demolition of existing buildings inside the former ENEL plant in Brescia.

The new multifunctional center also includes new construction works for the insert of several functions, such as residences, offices, shops, which define a new urban center within a fence so far inaccessible to the community.

The new buildings use a language in tune with the existing buildings of the early twentieth century in brick and plaster and are placed in the demolished part so as to form a court open to the public square. The open spaces become public spaces for  the square in connection with the adjoining Campo Marte Park, a large green lung in the heart of the neighborhood.


Ex woolen mill ''Marzotto''


Size: 47.074 mq

Urbanization plan for an industrial area located in the center of the village of Manerbio (BS), once for the production of textile products of the famous national brand. Various proposals have been formulated from the total maintenance of the original plant (east-west pedestrian walkway and the preservation of some significant buildings) to the possibility of imagining new centralities that form a new urban center leaned behind the historic center. Commercial, tertiary and residential activities alternate with squares, green spaces, pedestrian paths and connecting roads to allow crossing the old industrial fence and return it to the use of citizenship.


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