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Fondazione Poliambulanza


Fondazione Poliambulanza


The expansion of the second city hospital involves the construction of a tower for hospital stays with service spaces adjacent to the existing healthcare facility. The square level building with internal patio is made up of five ground levels distributed by a perimeter corridor that serves the guest rooms on the outside and on the inside the service rooms.The front walls recall in the materials the travertine used for the existing but with a shade that highlights the structural step with large windows shielded by metallic brise-soleil. The interiors are cared for to make the environments of stay and those of connection  more comfortable. On the ground floor there are new outpatient clinics.


New 600-seat multilevel parking in high area landscape sensitivity. The intervention was designed to make it the least impacting possible: to achieve this result, the new parking lot was placed in replacement  of a small artificial hill and below the road quota  by taking advantage of  an existing altitude difference. The parking area is built on three levels, the first one is basement, the second one at the sea level and the third one to the roof. Outside, the only floor on the ground is characterized by open metal grilles: the only vertical elements are the two reinforced concrete staircase openings also covered with grilles of different mesh.A  slightly raised heliport with respect to the sea level  to allow landing and takeoff safely completes the whole project.


In collaboration with Cotefa srl



Residenza Montini


Size: 3.976 mq

The project involves the realization of a health care facility for the elderly. The C-shaped body is set around a garden connected to the one adjacent t historic building to have a large indoor space dedicated to entertainment for the users. The main south-facing volume hosts the guest rooms, organized on two levels with a central nucleus dedicated to living and dining areas. The main front  is characterized by an always different orientation of each room, to always ensure a viewing outward from the bed of each unit.



Ancelle della Carità

The Hospital of the “ Ancelle della Carità”  in via Aselli in Cremona, a historic building for decades intended to traditional hospitality, has been converted to a specialist rehabilitation center.

The whole structure has been completely restored without leaving Hospital activity thanks to a carefully studied intervention program.

92 beds were available with outpatient clinics, medical studios, gymnasiums, radiology departments with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, offices and staff spaces, all in keeping  the existing historical structures.



Fondazione Bresciana


Size: 10.477 mq

Complete Renovation of a Health Care  Residence  in Brescia with the aim to provide  it with all the requirements of the current legislation. The structure is spread over four floors with the ground floor for services and recreation center for the elderly, the intermediate plans for residential areas with collective spaces and service, while the mansarded floor is devoted to innovative self-sufficient elderly locals with independent entrance and access to all Health care Residence facilities. The project received the permission of the Superintendence as a bound building : it valorises some significant elements of the old palace (stone portals, various stone elements) and keeps in choice of materials and colors the original image.