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The B + MA srl studio was born in December 2015 from the union of the three key components of an engineering, which is proposed for the integrated design of important civil construction projects: Urban planning, Architecture, Engineering

The respective professional experiences have come together in a single reality to provide the customer with a complete 360 ° service, starting from the technical-economic feasibility to the executive design and work management, up to the final progect, promissing a careful and punctual control of the times and costs of realization. The thirty-year experience of the professionals gathered, together with a high-profile technical staff, who develop the design according to the BIM standard, guarantee the development of complex orders in a short time, thanks to the integration of all the specialized figures involved, from the urban planner , to the structural engineer, the installer, the safety manager.

Fausto Baresi
Riccardo Manfredi
Guillermo Arnaudo




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President, Architect

CEO, Ingineer

Architecture Director


B+M Associati s.r.l

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